Amplify provides online, turnkey, semi-custom event registration software and services. We save Event Organizers time and money and allow attendees to register and pay by credit card, purchase order, or check.


Our Pricing is Usually Much Lower and Simpler. The more you pay now, the more we will save you!

Most events, or series of similar events, are done on a fixed price basis regardless of the number of attendees (exclusive of fees by bank charge cards). No nickel and diming!

We set up the entire event for you. Give us your prices, questions to ask, refund policy and more and we do the rest!

We do all the hard work and create a set of custom pages for your event with all the advanced features we employ. Things you may have been unable to do up until now may now be possible!

No charges until you approve your online registration pages with all your information, ready to go

And even then we never bill you until the registration fees you collect exceed our fees, or a reasonable time -- at least six weeks -- has passed since your event went live. No contracts, no setup fees.

Feature Highlights

Multiple ways to accept Payment

Credit card, check, purchase order -- you chose one or all methods. All payments go directly to you; we do not act as a middleman. Complimentary registrations always included.

Your Credit Card Payment Receipts

They are normally transferred directly to your designated bank account by the credit card processor within a few days of receipt. Again, we do not act as a middleman.

Discounts or No Charge Registrants

Multiple pricing options with special codes, or url links. We also have codes that can only be used once to prevent sharing of discounts.


We are PCI compliant. Registrant credit card information never reaches our site (server). It goes directly from the registrants browser to the card processor. We don't store credit numbers.

Registration Page Options

Any type and number of questions -- drop down, radio button, checkbox, free form -- as well as capacity limits, multiple items per page, input checking, and much more. See our blog for examples.

Administrator Pages for Event Organizer

See all your registrants, how much you've collected, issue credits, edit information, and more. Download your database to a spreadsheet if you need to do your own analysis.

One of the 1st Online Event Apps

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What Our Event Organizers Say

"Just wanted to let you know that the Showcase was a HUGE success! Your registration system made me look so organized and I seriously would not have been able to hold it together without this tool."

"I praised Amplify to numerous attendees tonight and I hope I can send some business your way!"

"I liked the reliability of the service and the simplicity with which we have been able to adapt it to our very specific needs as they change from event to event, not to mention the outstanding customer service."

"THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!! Your fix is exactly what we needed!"

"YOU ARE AMAZING!!! I printed out the first sheet of name badges and it is perfectomundo!!!!! I truly appreciate your efforts on the Academy's behalf."

"...your system has been a lifesaver for me this year and you just cut HOURS off of my to-do list my generating these labels!!! Please feel free to pass along my name as a are the "Registration Guru" in my book!"

".... but the most beneficial for me was your patience and responsiveness. It made it very easy to react to issues as they arose."

"I really like the online registration and would like to use it going forward."

"Thank you for your timely response. The support from you guys is amazing!!!!"

"One thing I really liked was ease of use and the ability to download data and create badges and reg lists."

"Just noticed the capability of sending a duplicate copy of receipt and acknowledgement......WOW, I love it!!!! This will really be a great time-saver! "

" thing I really liked was ease of use and the ability to download data and create badges and reg lists."

"Thank you for you help, and I will recommend you to other planners in my network."

"Thanks!!!! This is GREAT .... pretty interesting data. This will surely help in our marketing efforts."                   

What Our Registrants Say

"... the registration was pretty slick! Many on-line registration forms are an ordeal - this one was not. I like the instant confirmation - and the fact that it contains ALL the pertinent information. Thank you for making my job easier."

"The service was great - quick, efficient and no nonsense."

"This was a quick and efficient way to register. Thank you very much."

"This service was so user friendly and made it very easy and so quick!"

"Very clear and thorough. Good job!"

"Fast and easy"

"I especially like the feature where, when I register my guests, they receive an email notice from Amplify that they've been registered by me for the event."

"Fast and easy!!!! Loved it!"

"I really liked the way the program told you what was missing on the form .... Often I am left to hunt through the form to see what I might have missed, this was so much easier."

"Your process was simple and effective."

"Excellent forms with great feedback - super job!"

"... was one of the quickest and most straightforward I have ever used on the internet. THANK YOU!"

"Less Filling - Tastes Great"

"This is the best online registration system I have used. The pop up message warning not to use browser (back button) is timely and very effective. Ease of data entry was very good. The confirmation of informaton entered was a good step. Overall very good."

"It was easy and response time was quick. Quality stuff!"

"Your registration process was very user-friendly. Thank You!"

"Better, faster, cheaper... (sorry, but it fits)"

"This is the easiest, most intuitive service I have used, Great Job!"

"Your on-line registration is excellent. It gave just the right instructions step by step. The payment formats were inclusive enough to list all the relevant payment methods. Thanks for making this as easy as possible."

"Registration was quick and easy. Well-designed form and verification interface. Thank you!"

"Very efficient. All buttons worked. Amazing."

"Easy to use. Pretty direct."

"Your service is very user friendly. It is the best on-line registration process I have done on line so far."

"....very easy and intuitive as well as you know, some electronic forms are annoying to fill out and this one wasn't"

"Excellent to be able to register online. Site works well. Thanks!"

"Simple to use. Thanks."

"Very user friendly. Easy to use. Wonderful."

"Being able to register this way is easy and convenient. Thanks."

"The program was user friendly."

"On-line registration was very easy and hassel-free."

"Your registration process was very self-explanatory. The whole process was quick and easy."

"This was a very easy process and made life simple today! Thank you."

"Quick and easy - thanks."

"This is an excellent registration tool. Very accommodating."

"Damned fast! Thanks!"

"It is very user friendly. Nice experience"

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