Registration Form & Pricing Features
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Registration Pricing Options

  • No charge registration
    Even if you charge for your event, every event has a code-protected no charge page for registration. This might be used for sponsors, staff members, and others you want to give a complimentary registration.
  • Payment by check
    The registrant uses the registration form and elects to pay by check. The information is entered into the database and the registrant is instructed via online acknowledgement and email to send the check to your address. When the check is received you can mark the registration as paid in the administrator.
  • Payment by credit card online
    The registrant is asked for credit card information during the registration and the card is approved, or rejected, in a few seconds. If the card is rejected, polite messaging and a reason are provided; the registrant can easily makesimple corrections to the numbers or expiration date. Note: we never store credit card information in our database as a security measure.
  • Payment by credit card by fax
    If registrants are uncomfortable providing their card information online they can optionally use our fax option. We collect their normal contact information online together with the answers to any survey questions and at the end of the process we provide a form for them to print out. They manually enter their credit card information on the form and then fax it to you. You can process the card online through your administrator, or through other systems you have such as a non-online merchant account with a terminal or telephone.
  • Payment with a purchase order
    We ask for the PO information on the registration form, and then in your administrator, you can mark the PO as confirmed or paid when appropriate.
  • Payment by wire transfer
    When registrants chose the wire transfer option, we automatically insert the transfer instructions in their email acknowledgement and online receipt. When the payment is received you can mark the registration as paid in your administrator.

Pricing Features

  • Multiple registration fee options
    Each form can have options for each price offered, e.g., member, discount, complimentary, press, etc. — all on one event and one set of reports. Prices can be on the honor system or protected by special codes you select or we issue to you to pass onto registrants.
  • Copies of emails to others
    You can elect to have copies of the administrator email notification of a registration and/or the registrant acknowledgment sent to others you designate.
  • Automatic event capacity limits
    The total number of people allowed for the event can be set. When this number is reached, registrants are informed the event is full. See below for capacity limits for event workshops or promotional prices.
  • Early Bird pricing (two levels)
    A single date may be set when Early Bird pricing changes to standard pricing.
  • Early Bird pricing (greater than two levels)
    Dates may be set when, for example, Super Early Bird pricing changes to Early Bird pricing and then to standard pricing.
  • Automatic capacity limits within an event
    Automatic capacity limits, within a single event, can be set: a) for sessions, workshops and the like, b) for each location (or date) where essentially the same event is held each time, or c) when you want to offer a limited number of registrations at a special price.
  • Registration page hit marketing report
    This is a report to determine the effectiveness of your event marketing. It provides information on how many people visited the event registration page, and of those that visited how many actually consummated or completed a registration. The report provides information on the consummation percentage as function of date, promotional code, visitor’s organization, and referring page or link. When used with our special marketing codes this can give you information on which marketing stimuli create the most registrations.
  • Receipt/acknowledgment customization
    Custom text can be added to the online and/or email registration acknowledgment.
  • Mutually exclusive items in price list
    We ensure that registrants cannot choose items that are mutually exclusive, for example, by time or location.
  • Popup explanations on the registration form
    Sometimes, it is necessary or desirable to provide extra information for any item on the registration form. Rather than clutter up the form with information that many may not wish to ready, we add an info button which, when clicked, opens a popup window with the additional information. Information could include explained pricing, policies, workshop content, or virtually anything that assists the registrant while filling in the registration form.
  • Full seamless integration into your web site
    We can insert all our registrations pages in frame on your site and remove all Amplify logos. This is the most seamless way to integrate our service.
  • OneOnlyTM codes to protect special prices
    If you have pricing that is not available to the general public, we provide promotional codes or encoded links for you to give to your preferred registrants. These codes could be used (and shared) by anyone that has them. To prevent sharing of these we can provide codes/links that can only be used once. Anyone trying to use them again is prevented from registering.
  • Pre-filling forms & posting data to your database
    If you maintain your own online accessible database, then you can automatically pre-fill our registration forms. Similarly, when a registration is completed we can automatically send the registration information back to your database.

General Features
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Setup and Registration Forms

  • No software to install; you just need a browser
  • We do all the set-up for you.
    This saves you a lot of time since most of our competitors have self-help wizards which limit your flexibility and take time to learn. We provide a semi-custom service at competitive prices which allows us to provide many rich features that are difficult to implement in self-help wizards.
  • Your forms are branded with your colors and logo
    We closely match colors and fonts to your web site and install your logo on the forms and throughout the site. Optionally, we can fit into a frame on your site to be completely seamless .
  • Every form can have customized fields
    You can chose the fields you want on each form, and whether entries for each field are mandatory or optional, or even omitted from the form altogether (e.g., company name and fax number could be optional, or not even present on the form while all the other fields must be filled in). Also, you can define additional fields for your particular event.
  • You can have a questionnaire/survey for each form
    Question answers can be clickable drop downs, checkboxes, radio buttons, or typed-in text. Questions can be optional or mandatory. Each form for your event (e.g., for different sets of discounted group prices) can have its own set up questions. Questions can be different for those people the primary registrant adds as guests and colleagues.
  • Use a single event form for multiple locations/dates
    Seminars, educational classes, and monthly meetings are examples that can use this feature. The event details, except for, say, the date/location, would be the same so the same form is used with a drop down menu to select the date/location.
  • Our web site is friendly to the visually impaired
    Unlike many sites, our web pages are designed so the visibly impaired can enlarge the text on any page in their browser. Just try clicking on the Adjust Text in the left hand margin and choosing one of the A‘s
  • Multiple people can be registered at a time
    One person is the primary or paying registrant and enters his or her information first. To register guests, colleagues, etc.,the primary registrant pays for all at one time, and then adds the guests’ contact information to register them. Alternatively the primary registrant, once he or she has registered can send the group a link for them to self register. The forms for the additional registrants can have different fields and survey questions from the forms for the paying registrant.
  • Workshops and Seminars are supported
    Within the limitations of each price plan (the number of questions allowed) we can set up workshops/seminars with different tracks—in some of the price plans automatic capacity limits can be installed when your space is limited.
  • Comprehensive validation of collected information
    Every form we create has underlying logic to prevent registrant mistakes, and to enforce or prevent choices you asked us to implement. For example, we can prevent a registrant choosing a combination of price items that are not allowed by you, enforce answers to questions, place maximum or minimum limits on the quantities for an item (useful for group pricing), or make sure that you get a registrant’s company name by forcing an entry on the form. You specify all the conditions. This kind of rule setting prevents registrants making improper choices, or prompts for allowable choices, and thus eliminates manual correction of information by you later. This is particularly important if you take fees by credit card; you don’t want to be issuing credits or additional transactions as they will add to your fees from the credit card company.
  • Automatic formatting of information for a clean database
    We automatically format information typed in by registrants so that names and addresses have the correct capitalization (i.e., ‘Ted Adams’ not ‘ted adams’ or ‘TED ADAMS’ ‘McAdams’ not ‘Mcadams’). If the registrant doesn’t like what we do automatically, once they subsequently make a change we no longer auto-correct it.
  • Precise language, messaging and instructions
    We guide registrants through the entire process. This, together with our form validation, prevents you getting phone calls with registration questions.
  • Custom messaging when an event closes
    You can chose any message you like. You can direct them to go the ‘door’, call you, email you, etc. If you don’t give us anything, we put in our standard message that “Online registration is closed”
  • Session timeout warning to prevent data loss

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Pricing Features

  • Pricing can be multi or single choice with radio buttons
    If you have more than one price for an event there are multiple options. You can list all the prices on a single form so people can chose any or all in the list, or you can list them with radio buttons so only one can be chosen. Or you can have separate forms protected by special codes to protect special pricing for, say, members. We have the flexibility in the methods we use to display pricing to accommodate most situations.
  • Flexible form to enter special quoted prices
    Occasionally, you may want to give someone a special price that is not on any form you specify. We provide you a link/code to access a special form where it is easy to enter any price on behalf of a registrant. Alternatively, you could provide the link to the registrant with the quoted price, and they could register themselves.
  • No charge form for sponsors and other VIPs
    For sponsors, special guests, organization members and others, you get a special form with each event for people to register at no charge. Two types of no charge forms are available; one with the normal registrant survey/questions and one without.
  • Auto-checked quantity and group pricing for discounts, etc.
    You can specify special pricing for group (i.e., a lower price for groups of 5 or more) or for a “table of 10” for sponsorship groups. These are checked to ensure people cannot cheat.
  • Receipts and acknowledgments can be re-sent
    If a registrant loses a receipt or an acknowledgment they can easily be replaced by the administrator with a few clicks.

Payments And Receipts

  • Registrants can pay by credit card, check, PO, or wire transfer
    You choose which methods you want so you can gather all registrant information in one place—the database we provide you
  • All payments are made directly to you
    Credit card paymentsare verified online in a few seconds and deposited in your bank account in 2 to 4 business days, or, alternatively credit card numbers can be faxed to you for processing on your terminal if you want to use your current manual credit card capability. Checks, POs and/or wire transfers are sent directly to you.
  • Acknowledgements and online credit card payment receipts are automatically emailed to registrants
    These are immediately emailed when the registration takes place. Administrators can receive copies. Also administrators can generate copies to send to registrants when requested, or re-send an acknowledgement when a registration is changed.
  • Email or online acknowledgements can be customized
    We can add custom text to acknowledgments. The email acknowledgement is the one thing registrants are most likely to keep and bring to the event as proof of registration. Thus, it is an ideal document to insert items like directions to the event, a link to a map, highlights of an agenda, other promotional links, etc.

Reporting, Administrating, and Support

  • All registration information is available to you 24/7
    The registration site has a password protected Administrator to monitor and report all registrant information. You have complete access to the information we collect in a variety of reports, including fast access to total registrants and money collected.
  • Custom reports can be designed and saved
    Reports can be customized with multiple criteria; each report design can be simply saved as a favorite or bookmark in your browser to be used whenever you need it.
  • Reports can be download to your desktop
    The entire database of your registrants, or your customized reports can be download to your desktop directly into Excel, or as a comma delimited file which can be imported into Access and many other desktop programs.
  • Quickly perform credit card credits directly from within the Administrator
    Just by clicking on the name of credit card paying registrant you can quickly perform a credit with email acknowledgments automatically generated.
  • Name badges can be generated from the database
    We provide templates for name badges with and without logos. These can be mail merged with your database to produce your labels. Each registration form provides a separate field for the registrant’s desired badge name. The field is automatically prefilled with first and last name (or just the first name if you specify that) as the registrant enters information but the registrant can change it as desired. The field itself is always present unless you specify otherwise.
  • Quickly perform refunds and cancellations for non-credit card transactions directly from within the Administrator
    You can refund money or cancel registrations to maintain strict accounting of debits and credits.
  • Register people directly through the Administrator
    After an event is over you can add walk-in registrants through the Administrator, or edit records for substitute attendees, misspelled names, email addresses, etc.
  • Print customized registration forms for offline/walk-in/at-door registrants
    For each kind of pricing you have offered, you can print out customized forms for at-door attendees that duplicate the online form. The forms also include the questionnaire/survey if that was available on the online form. These forms can also be faxed to registrants not wishing to register online.
  • Email notifications of each registration or failed credit card transactions
    Whenever a registration occurs the Administrator, others the Administrator designates, gets a brief email with the registration information—generated from information already in your online database. Additionally, if a credit card is not accepted, for whatever reason, you are immediately notified of the failure just in case you’d like to contact the registrant to assist in solving his or her problem; it could be as simple as not using a credit card you allow, an incorrect billing addresses, or less likely, the credit card company declining credit on the card.
  • Sending registrants copies of receipts or acknowledgments
    Frequently registrants need another copy of their registration confirmation, or just an acknowledgement that you received their check. You can quickly do this with few clicks in the Administrator. You can send them an email and/or a link to a page that gives them their customized receipt/confirmation.
  • We have live support during business hours and email support after hours
    Our response time to support requests is normally with three rings on the phone, and within 30 minutes by email. In addition, we have the FAQs and our help pages in the Administrator.

Security and Privacy

  • No credit card information is stored on our servers.
    As soon as any credit card information is submitted from our pages we immediately transmit it for processing and, once accepted or the registrant leaves our site, the information is discarded and NEVER stored in our database. Thus, if anyone one breaks into our database the credit card information cannot be revealed.
  • Comprehensive and simple Privacy Policy
    We do not sell, rent, use ourselves, or otherwise release to a third party information we collect unless we are required to do so under the law or a court order.
  • Proprietary techniques to prevent fraud
    We incorporate proprietary software techniques to prevent people from using credit information inappropriately on our site. Through your merchant bank additional verification techniques can be used to validate the credit card actually belongs to the registrant.
  • Registration does not require the use of cookies
    Registrants do not have to have cookies turned on in their browsers to use the registration forms. No functionality is lost.
  • Session management is used throughout the entire system